Choosing The Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Today , in 2013 we are looking at many developing emulators for Nintendo 3DS and many of them offer a variety of choices. Many emulators evolved from Nintendo DS Emulators which have been around for quite some time. On the other hand there was much time needed to find and develop working 3ds emulator bios files. So lets get down to it and talk more about the latest Nintendo 3DS Emulator.

Development of the emulator:

Creation of this emu software started around mid 2012 and by the end of the year we had first beta version to test. Good thing is that it was created fast due to the existing DS Emulator and the experience about it. In 2013 it was released as full version and supported over 90% of the games.

The 3DS Emulator Review:

Nintendo 3ds emulator 2013

We tested numerous software and what we found out is that the best one we tested is from . We tested it on AMD and Intel machine with both ATI and Nvidia graphic cards. Both setups worked great due to the 3rd party plugins that allowed many configuration options. Just make sure that you follow the instructions on the main 3ds emulator bios post. Bios file can also be downloaded directly from the emulator itself.

Where To Download it ?

Here , we will post the latest update for you to download . You can Download it HERE or on official website

Setting it up for best results :

Setting this emulator is rather easy and most of the time it works with default settings. Change the resolution but keep in mind that lower-end PC’s will have hard time running some games on higher resolution. Change the plugin settings to match your hardware type. Plugins are also useful , but its not mandatory. If some games need plugins set up to work you will get notification in emulator that you need to download them and enable it. There are 3 types of plugins, audio, controller and graphics. Controller is just if you want to change default controls but i found that most of them are good. Graphics is the most important one and it will allow you to change almost every aspect for the 3ds emulator and there are some good options for second screen and full screen options.

Here is an interesting video review and guide that will help you get it started.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download & Tutorial from Patrick S. on Vimeo.

While there are some other emulators around this one is the most maintained and updated.

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